befor i even start .... dont mock my spelling to be honist i dont care.

so neways im building a cab and buying a marshall head ( an old real 1 like a plexi or a jmp, but prob a jmp) and was just wondering what are the best speakers to put in. im looking at greembacks but dont know wether to get the old 1s or just some new 1s.

what do you think?

budget would be good. but eminence red coats are always good with marshalls.
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The new greenback are not much different than the old ones. They are still 15 watt alnico speakers. They are all expensive so I'd get whatever you can find the best price on.
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o cool
well im looking to spend around £100 (on ebay)
will it matter what wattage i get if it is the same ohm?
sorry im a bit of a newbee on amps inm more of a guitar bloke.
I gave you bad info before. I was thinking of the Blue, not the green. Sorry about that. Unlike the blue, the Greenback has changed a lot over the years. Celestion has found their original specs for their G12M and have come out with the Heritage Series G12M which is 20watts and supposedly identical to the original G12M.

Yes wattage matters. If the speakers are too overpowered then they won't sound good and they will be hard on your amp. If the amp is too overpowered then you will never be able to really drive your amp to its true potential without blowing your speakers.

Because each of these speakers is about 20 watts you can probably get away with 1 speaker on a 30 watt amp. If your amp is more than 30 watts then you will need 2 speakers and If you want to hook them to an amp that is 50 watts or more then you will want to get 4 speakers, or you will want to get speakers that are more than 20 watts each.
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ok thats realy good advice so say my marshall was a 50 watt head..... i would need at least 2 over 20 watt speakers. or is it 4?

if i do get a 50 watt head but i only want a 2x12 cab then what would be my best bet?

or if i went for somthing liek a mk 2 100 watt head and only wanted a 2x12 cab then what would be the best?

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2 20watt speakers = 40watts. There is minus 10watts headroom.

I like to have amps with at least 50watts headroom, so look for 4 speakers.
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