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what inspired you to pick up the guitar?

was it a particular band?

a concert?

song on the radio?

a picture of a guitar player on the cover of a magazine?
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i saw slash rockin out so i needed as guitar to survive
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i got tired of looking like a fool trying to play air guitar everytime i heard a song
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I started to play guitar because i wanted to write songs
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I found a guitar in my dad's bedroom.

The guitar had been sitting behind the door the whole time :-/
my gf got me a wasburn dime 333 for x-mas. seemed like one hell of a waste not to learn to play it
I was sick and tired of playing air guitar with a hockey stick
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AC/DC and a few of my friends played so when my sister got frustrated with hers I bought it...
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John Petrucci is pretty much my goal, skill-wise.
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mine was watching a friend playing just for fun.. and i got jealous so as competitive as i am i've been teaching myself how to play (well with some help from books) but is great
I was inspired to pick up the guitar because I was damn fed up with the violin. Then my friend said we should both play guitar and kind of nagged me into it. She quit and I didn't.
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first My cousin could play "la bamba" and i wanted to learn so i learned. now he can play "voodoo child" and i still want to learn.
I always loved acoustic music, even things like Freelove Freeway from Ricky Gervais. =D
Sister had an acoustic that she didn't play much, I picked it up and never put it down .. (till I bought an electric). Still can't play it, but look real cool with it hung over my shoulders.
Needed a new hobby and one that was mentally stimulating so I picked up a guitar and I am loving it. BTW I have always been into rock (concerts etc).
Celtic Frost Live, November 2006, The Penny Arcade Rochester New York.

Changed my life. I'm 30 and it made me want to learn guitar.
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One day I decided to watch some videos of my favorite artists on youtube, saw Hendrix playing Voodoo Child at Woodstock and it blew my mind
very cool stories all around!

i guess i should share my story too... it was, i dunno, maybe 20 years ago that i first got interested in playing and if i recall correctly it was because my brother and his friend had started playing...

and very soon i heard Steve Vai and then Slash and it was a done deal.

so a combination of sibling influence and the guitar greats.

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my older brother played guitar and he got me one but i didnt play it much until i started really listenin to the actual music of the songs and i was liek hey i wanna play that so i started playing around on it and now im addicted
The way James Hetfield picks up his guitar and plays the little harmonic solo in puppets it just motivates me, the way Alexi Laiho sweeps makes me ready, the way Eddie Van Halen taps just makes me wanna laugh cause he's so good at it. and the way Buckethead just...Does what he does.....
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Well it was really my late introduction into the wonders of music in early 2005, god i don't know how i went the first 17 years of my life not liking music at all. That and Metallica.

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I WANTED CHICKS! no but really it had to be failure in everything else... i mean tried skateboarding, sucked. tried paintball, fun game, i just sucked. tried BMX, couldnt afford it... oh and my family was hell bent on making me play anything... and i thought guitar was the coolest... but really what i like about it is the whole comradory about it. how you can always talk about something when talking to other ppl who play guitar, and how you can always strive to get better...

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Uhm..I'm pretty old (early 30s) but I just started about a month ago. Someone gave me a hand me down knock off guitar that was sitting in an attic when I helped move some furniture. I have a family/job etc etc and I don't really have a I thought why not do something I can learn together with my son (he's 9).

I've always wanted to learn an instrument cause I write..would like to make my writings to my wife into songs. I'm pretty determined. I have the basic chords mostly down albeit slowly and am shopping for a better acoustic guitar. I already got my son one so now dad needs a toy. I'm addicted. I practice a few hours a night and thats good for a guy that has a busy work schedule.

My next few goals is getting a better guitar, a teacher for son and I, understand scales better. I'm glad this site has a wealth of info to draw from. Thanks.
I know i may get some flames for posting this but here goes. I got interested in playing guitar mainly from being good at guitar hero. I've been listening to metal for over 10 years, started with rust in peace and and just for all. I started to listen to more power and death metal recently and got into the killer guitar players. It seemed that all of my friends started playing and I felt like trying it out. Only a few weeks in, but I already love the feel of my Jackson.
I was never really interesed in rock to begin with. I've always been a hip-hop head and pretty knowledgable about everything hip-hop (I was MCing a year before I got into guitar), so I knew what it was like writing lyrics, but then I saw my friend's sister play guitar at his house and I was pretty amazed. She let me borrow her Spanish acoustic (classical), and I learned my first chords from there. Once I started getting into more rock music, I began to pay attention to the music I actually GREW UP listening to (stuff I heard my dad playing around the house and such..: Eric Clapton, The Beatles...the 60's/70's). After I payed attention to that I started to look into my own tastes and realized that I did indeed like rock music =D My greatest inspiration is probably Hendrix. That man could PLAY.
I discovered my dad's copy of TOMMY

it changed my life
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My friend was playing one so I decided to as well, but it took me a while.
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Listening to Red Hot CHili Peppers, and Matchbox 20 got me interested in guitar.
Been around music and musicians most of my life. Never had the time nor skill. My dad is one heck of a guitar player. I remember sitting in awe watching him play. Nothing extreme...he plays mainly Beatles, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc...

I've always told myself I'd learn to play one day. Even bought a semi-decent acoustic and learned to play most of Pretty Woman.

Now I find out my Dad has cancer. He's been pretty bummed about it and even mentioned selling his guitar. Now I know next to nothing about guitars but I do know his '63 Fender Strat is a pretty nice axe.

I've decided if I don't learn now I never will. And what better way to learn than on a Strat.

...I just hope I can learn enough from him in the short time we have left.
I was working too much and needed a hobby (something for me). I picked up the guitar as it was one of those things I always wanted to try, but never put in the effort. I learned my chords when I was about 16, but then left it at that.

Now I am so sorry I didn't start younger. I have been playing for about two years, and I absolutely love it! Problem is at my age (late 20's), I don't have enough spare time any more, with the whole work thing and all. I practice any chance I get, but I am just now starting to feel like I can actually play a little and there is so much to learn.
I think that Black Sabbath and Metallica inspired me to take guitar and start learning how to play I play since last summer. Now i can't live without it
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i watched a reunion concert of cream and thought if old people could still play instruments... i could too.
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