So ive just got a band together after a year of searching (not a big metal scene out here) and i honestly wasnt expecting it, I just left looking for drummer/bassist in my msn name for literally 6-7 months and finnaly one of my buddies was like yea ill drum and my buddy will play bass. So now here i am finnally with a full band but no tracks ready or anything because ive been spending the last few months just running exercises. Now i cannot seem to write a riff worth shit, like they sound ok but for some reason all my riff just turn into the same thing no matter how i run it, it turns into a finger exercise i was working on or just shred runs. Any advice to get out of this rut and get some songs rocking before my first practice (ive got till 2nd week of april but to get stuff together, but the 1 week im on vaction with no guitar =*()
sounds like you're in trouble. personnally, i've had that problem a lot. you just need to work through it, but as for coming up with a full song by the second week in april, i dont think you can do it...it takes a lot of time to get songs worked together. its not just about writing your part, you also need to consider everything else. the mood, lyrics, everything. the way i see it, dont set any deadlines. its going to take as long as it takes.
Yeah for sure no deadline Ive finished songs in week and I just finished a song that I started over a year ago. Depends on your writing style.
My biggest suggestion would be to try to come up with melodies in your head. Chances are, you won't start humming generic shred runs or fretboard exercises, like you might if you just started playing around with a guitar.
This is why I love these forums. In a time I would normally either panic and spend hours playing crappy riffs followed with a few down ward hooks into my pick ups, instead now I have people to turn to. =)
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I understand your frustration sheepbane. I think the best thing to do is to wait for something to come to your head...like while you're doing something relaxing. I've noticed a lot of songs just come to me while I'm driving. They're creative but not very cool or alternative. Better than nothing, though. Just don't try too hard.