ok well ive decided to take up skateboarding and im trying to order my own stuff and i was wondering if the deck is 7.5 do the trucks also have to be 7.5 or does it not really matter cuase the trucks i want are 7.75. thanks for any help
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It\'s best to get the parts with the same around the same measurements and generally the board should be equal to or be wider than the trucks, not the other way around.

Also, check out www.blankboards.com Saves you a lot of money because there\'s no BS graphics and brands to up the price.
I prefer smalled decks easier flips,shorter, and lighter try some destructo lows 7.5 with that deck. Its good to get lows when you get trucks because there shorter closer to the ground means a better center of gravity which allows you to do tricks easier
really depends the kind of skateboarding you're trying to do. I would suggest you visit a local skateshop (if there are any) and ask them what would be best for what you're trying to learn.
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well, if the trucks are wider than the deck.... that's gonna make it harder to flip....

dude, no one's gonna be stupid enough to get trucks that are wider than their decks, can't even turn with oversized trucks, let alone flipping. unless you're going for the deformation that's the longboard.
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