What's your preference with controls on a bass? Do you like it simple with just volume/tone? Do you have a pre-amp with a bunch of tone controls and think the more the better? Vol/vol or blend pot?

Post the configs of each of your basses and what your ideal bass would have, and why.
I prefer 3-band EQ's, and find vol/vol irritating as hell.

One has bass, mid, hi, vol, blend. The other has bass, mid, hi, vol, and some sorta tone switch that goes from 'humbucker'-'single'-'bright'.
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SR506 goes Vol/Blend/Bass/Mid/Hi

Squier P goes Vol/Tone. When i change the pickup I'll probably end up wiring the pickup straight to the output.

Ideally, there's volume, blend, bass/mid/hi and either a mid freq selector or something else. MM pickups should always be splittable. See Lakland for my favorite preamp ever.
Well on my Warwick Thumb I have Vol/Tone/Mid/Treb/Bass.

On my Stingray I have Vol/Treb/Bass.

I don't mind not having a mid, because it's rarely used. Thought if I did have one, I would love to get one with a midrange adjuster, so I could toggle and boost some low-mids specifically. If I get a Jazz bass one day, I'm gonna look into one of those East UK preamps. They sound a delight to work with.

Also, I think I prefer a blend knob rather than a tone knob. On my Warwick, the bridge pickup is angle so picks up a lot of the mids. It's nice in that its great for harmonics, and adds so much definition. But the problem is when you want to lose that definition you can't ease it off so easily. The tone knob only does so much.

So mine would be:

Vol/Blend/Mid/Midrange adjuster/Treb/Bass. Oh and an active/passive switch would be handy.
I prefer passive controls myself, concidring batteries are a pain int eh ass unless you install a battery box or put a power line in a 3 chanel chord to the bass.

That doens't mean I like simple controls however!

My idea controls for my 4 string (one music man humbucker) is volume, coil tap pot, tone switch, and phasing switch! I have yet to figure out how to wire it (DAMN YOU PHASING AND COIL TAP!) but I soon will figure it out!

I wish I could add a series/paralel switch. But I know it is impossable unless I add circutry... Or dish out over 100$ for a custon switch...
B-405 has Vol/Blend/Bass/Mid/Treb knobs

im upgradeing the electronics on my Jazz that has EMGs and puttimg EMG BQC 3 band EQ on it. the Mid is stacked and has +/- 12DB on top and like a midshifter knob thingy on the bottom stack wich defentntly will make lots of different interesting useable sounds.
the reason im putting the EQ System on it is because my jazz bass has lovely sound clarity and attack but only one usable sound. wich is the tone knob up all the way. the EQ system will give me a variety of tones and it is also VERY nice to easily be able to roll off the trebble in a live situation without haveing to run to the amp!

the delima i am haveing right now is to make the jazz' knobs vol/vol/midstack/bass+trebstack or to make it Vol/Blend/Midstack/Bass+trebblestack
i'm leaning twords the vol+blend becasue that is what fender puts on thier deluxe's

i prefer in general 3 band EQ but i am getting new pickups for my P bass and am going to leave the controlls passive
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My Cort has Volume (push/pull for active on/off), bass, treble and blend. i prefer having a MID aswell.
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I have master volume, blend, bass, treble on my RockBass and for how much I use the onboard EQ, I think next time I'm going for a Volume/Tone setup. I've left it dialled in on the same settings for months now, so when I feel the need to upgrade, I'll probably happily abandon the active EQ for a good quality passive bass that has the sound I'm looking for.
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I like 3 EQ's and some sort of pickup panning if possible.

My Urge II has:

Main volume pot
Pickup panning pot
Pickup selector switch

I never touch the EQ's on my amp, so all my shaping is done on the bass itself. I think you hear less of the amp and more of the bass that way.
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I never touch the EQ's on my amp, so all my shaping is done on the bass itself. I think you hear less of the amp and more of the bass that way.

I tried that way, but it seemed I was hearing less of the amp and the bass, and more of an artificial, very unsubtle tone... maybe it's just my midrange gear, though. I've not spent a deal of time fiddling with the knobs on higher end basses, every time I play one I'm usually crooning and caressing it and paying more attention to the basic sound and feel of it.
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Could be, what bass do you play? I've always found i prefer the tone when EQ is done on the bass - but to be honest i have only tested this theory on my Miller, Stingray and the Urge ii.

I shall try on my lowly Schecter later !
A Rockbass Fortress is my main bass. Probably the only thing I'd fault it for is the feel of the active EQ, too. Survived years of rough and tumble. Ol' faithful!

The Rockbass range is pretty much in direct competition with Schecter's Stiletto range, and I tried both when I was shopping way back when I bought the Fortress. It's a decent comparison.
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I like all my tone shaping to be done on the amp, i find it too frustrating having all the various knobs on my guitar so vol/tone is fine for me and ideally, i wouldn't even have the tone connected up
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My old P copy was vol/vol/tone and I hardly ever touched the controls on it. I kept it with the P pickup turned right up and the j pickup right down, 0 tone. My Artcore is just volume/tone and the tone control makes so little difference it doesn't seem worth having. I'm thinking of taking the capacitor out and putting a couple of clips in where it was so I can easily swap in little bits of circuitry through the soundhole. Both of those basses might as well have no controls for how useful I find them. My new 5er, however, has volume, blend, treble and bass and I find that pretty useful. It makes a big difference in front of a fuzz to boost the treble, for example. So I'm not really sure which I prefer.

I think overall if I'm using effects then it's great to have plenty of control from the bass and on the amp but if I'm just playing bass -> amp as I do most of the time then I'd rather have no controls on the bass at all and just a neck pickup.