So i am getting totally pissed off at my pcs, they are so slow and badly slow down everytime i try to do 3-4 applications at once. i also heard that macs are compatable for all pc files and programs now and they are less liable to viruses.
Anyone got a mac? Or should i get vista?
Delete this thread, Vs. Threads are against the rules, Macs ftw.
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Yeah. Best to research it on your own, because people get waaaay too personal on here about PCs and Macs. There was a thread on here a while ago about this, and it just got ugly.

I'll severely generalize it for you, and note this is GENERALIZED, you scrutinous freaks.

OSX: Great for internet and media editing. Is really simple to use.

Windows: The standard operating system of the world today. Only real platform for games and such. I would personally hold off on Vista for now, while its in its beginning stages and is being debugged and such.

Grayedit: Edited for OS's. Example of said scrutiny below me.
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Linux is nowhere near better than OS-X in my opinion

Personally I have a Mac. I got one because I do a lot of recording, so they're good for that plus I wanted Logic.

Here's the low down:

If you want a specialised computer, for video editing, recording, computer graphics, anything like that... get a Mac. No ifs or buts there.

If you want a general household PC - you want to play games, do your homework etc... get a PC.

It's not hard.
Macs blow. So do PCs. It's a matter of which one you find less blowful.

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Macs blow. So do PCs. It's a matter of which one you find less blowful.

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