These are a couple of recordings that I've done, both are entirely improvised, the first one on the page is brand new, the 2nd one is about 9 months old.


Any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is very appreciated, but please dont just say, "You messed up a couple times," or "I thought it was good."

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the groove thing was good, coulda used vocals (like my bands song), but overall a nice tune
and maybe a solo of sorts, maybe i missed the solo tho

in the improv, the guitar coulda been louder, the drums kinda over powered it, there were some nice drum fills in there tho, keep up the good work

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dude, like it. like it. you've got great stuff. maybe a little timing issues with the acoustic groove, but it's better than i can do. i like them man, keep up the good work!

you also do a really good job at keeping the solo fresh. it doesn't get stale.
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acoustic groove really has some great acoustic work on it, i like the way youre incorporating very rhythmic elements into your playing. i thought it ended kinda suddenly, but oh well, still very nice

the improv is good as well, i think the drums are great. there are some really great jazz fills going on there, good job for whoever played the drums. some of the lead sounded just a bit tentative, but i wouldnt say weak, you still play much better than me. right at 1:02 was a very cool lick nice work, keep it up. mind giving me a listen?

edit: i didnt realize this things 6:00+(at least), im still listening and still enjoying
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haha yeah thanks, its just a jam me and my friend did so it got pretty long. We had some recordings that were about 45 minutes but even if i could upload em, noones gonna sit on myspace for 45 minutes for 1 song lol.

Thanks for all the criticism guys.
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the acoustic groove thing is good. its got a nice funky sound to it. it gets a little repetive but not bad. on the improv, guitar and drums sounded good, but the drums were a little loud and it sounded kinda empty. maybe some bass or a second guitar?
i like the acoustic groove, I personally thought it was really cool, your heart was in the right place, you were funking out and it was sweet, but to other, normal, NOT guitar players might get bored because theres no drums and stuff like that. but if you added some drums im sure itd be sick

nice work dude
Yeah thanks man, I feel ya. I normally play with a funk/jazz trio but this is just some stuff I threw together when I was bored.
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You should definately look into writing some parts for the rest of your trio, acoustic groove is an awesome tune. It's got a sweet Stevie Ray Vaughn feel to it.
Yeah we have parts all set up, we just havent gotten around to recording in a studio. We play shows all the time in the central west end of St. Louis is youre in that area by any chance.
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