Look at the title....don't worry about price
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Look into BKP's...

But most important...what kind of guitar/amp do you have?
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yeah, the it really depens on the amp/head you have. with a good one, you can get an ac/dc or gnr sound out of just about any pickups.
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you could put a gibson 57' classic in the bridge (which i'm pretty sure angus uses in all but his sig SG, so you'd get the best angus tone with that), and a seymour duncan alnico pro II in the neck (what slash uses for his sig. lead tone) so, you'd have the best of both worlds there, and you'll need an amp similar to a JCM 800, though i think slash used to use a silver jubilee?? not sure bout that, but a JCM 800 would get you close i bet.