i have no idea if this is even a question or what.

can someone give me a little schooling in sound versus structure. Like, not every note sounds the same because of the tone changes between strings. So this may interfere with some composition, like alot of the same chords or note intervals sound good on some strings but terrible on others, despite the same notes or difference.

Like this really isnt an easy or properly phrased question, but Im more or less just looking for people to give me little facts or insights into anything related to what they think i may be talking about.

for one example,
Like say smoke on the water I am playing fourths. but playing bare fourths on any string lower, sounds terrible or not as good. Is this because of the string tones or because of the difference of notes, like a fourth with D and G is acceptable, but not with E and A.

Please Do not flame if you dont understand. Because if you could properly read what i wrote, then you would realize that I have already self proclaimed Im not entirely sure what i am talking about and am
merely looking for somewhat of a lesson of music theory related to guitar. as opposed to where an instrument like piano doesn't experience certain differences such as tone that a guitar does when notes are playing on separate strings.
definitely has to do with the strings, fourths are a little muddy sounding to begin with when they sound together, and playing them on the low e and a strings makes it muddier. d and g is ok, because if you're playing them on the 3rd and 4th strings, its a little crisper. compare d and g open to d and g at the 10th. it all has to do with the thickness of the strings and overtones, etc. hope that answers your question.
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For Smoke On The Water, are you saying that it sounds worse on the E and A strings as opposed to the D and G strings?

If you are, that's because it's played on the D and G strings, we're firmiliar with hearing it coming from the D and G strings. When it's played on the E and A strings it's 10 semitones too deep.
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oh btw, everything in my post assumes you are playing it on the E and A and the 10th, where its the same octave.
Yes it has to do with the tonal qualities of the strings, but also it has to do with dissonance, if you play fourths on the E and A strings


it won't sound good because the notes are too low, it's like playing chords on a bass, unless you play the right form of chord, chances are it'll sound like ass because chords that are that low just don't sound good.

On the other hand if you play:


your ears hear it as a D5 chord with a fifth in the bass and it sounds fine, albeit considerably heavier than a normal D5.
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