Yeah i know this question has probably been asked far too many times... but I need a new amp... I play with an epi lp custom, metal zone, and a marshall mg30 at the moment. i play anything ranging from punk, alternative and metal. i really dont have a price range at the moment... so any suggestions would be great thanks!
Marshall half stack at guitar center(not sure of model) 599.99
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All great sounding amps for great prices
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what about mesa boogies? ive heard some good things about them... but when i go on the site i get kind of confused... rectifiers means what exactly? sorry im kinda new to the whole amp thing.
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Marshall half stack at guitar center(not sure of model) 599.99

mg anyone? also, i'd at least try a b-52, unless you really have an unlimited budget, in which case a mesa or ENGL might work out.
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cheack mesa if you have like 1200 $

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Budget is everything man, you're gonna have to give us a ballpark figure.