. I have been a member here since 2005, i wont lie, when i arrived the pit wasnt exactly pretty. But look at us! Why divide up into groups, each other due to join dates, and flame constantly? Why dont we all unite, have a good laugh, talk those depressed people out of , and help ban all the spammers who post pictures of tubgirl, eh? Remeber the days? Mods, please, i beg you, make yourself useful and go trigger happy with the banning. Perma-bans, i dont care. It needs to be cleaned up here. Just boot the people who make UG a divided, unhappy place. Please, if you just look the other way, it will be too long before it dies out. If you dont stop it now, it could be the end of The Pit. Some people will chuckle and say that wouldnt be a bad thing, but look at it. As much as some of you the pit, it keeps all the weird people out of the more serious forums.

Please UG, join together again, and begin the Golden Age of the pit. Please reply if you will help to fix The Pit.

EDIT: Mods, you can close this, but at least let me be heard. Closing these threads wont stop the hell that rages on, it will only stunt its growth. Let one thread live on to spread the awareness.
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I'd love to, although people need to realize this is the internet. The asses aren't just going to stop somehow
<sigh> too true... too true... it might say Mar. 2007 but... i've been here before. So much for Utopia 07 eh? nice try g-love, but that just blew up in your face... its sad.
Practice what you preach, Everyone gets CRAZY in the pit when something happens, then all of a sudden everyone's pointing fingers, how about instead of POSTING what should be done, ABIDE by it.... What happened tonight... IS NOTHING compared to whats happened before...
i've been coming to ug since early 2006 though i didn't join til the end of the year and even then it seemed a lot cooler than this...:P

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the pit, it keeps all the weird people out of the more serious forums.

Actually thats pornography.

Anyways, I don't think the Pit will ever be good again.
We're only strays.
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while the pit has seen worse, doing all this crap for the sake of some stupid web comic is kinda well... lame.
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Chill out people...
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