Poll: Do you sleep with your contacts in?
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Yes I have contacts and I sleep with them in
5 23%
No but I wear contacts
9 41%
I wear glasses
3 14%
I'm a noob with perfect eyes
5 23%
Voters: 22.
how bad is it to sleep with them on
i keep then on nonstop they dont bother me at all
should i stop doing this? i have friends who do the same and they dont have any problems
Every night for the passed three years, never had a problem.

Edit: And my eyesight hasnt changed a bit in those three years, either.
It does fuck with your eyes (atleast that's what my optometrist told me). The last time I saw him he told me I need to remember to take them out at night becuase the inside of my eyelids were gettin messed up.
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my friend did (for two days) and then he got an infection and couldn't open his eyes. He went to the eye doc and they fixed it though.
My wife has contacts that are designed to stay in for weeks on end.
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Just take them out every once in a while. I knew a guy who kept them in for something like a year, and his eyes grew over them and he had to have surgery to get his contacts removed.

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I wear the 30 day ones but when my sister would sleep with hers in she'd get infections...
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I accidently slept with them twice. my eyes got pretty ****ed up the next day.
I've slept with them in plenty of times, but then one time i wasn't so lucky and got an infection. Never will i sleep with them in again. : /
It causes problems with your eyesight if you do it constantly, not to mention they get really dirty. I have night and day contacts though, which are made to sleep in, so I don't have to deal with that anymore.
My eyes have gotten twice as bad and i used to sleep with them pretty often. Probably just too much computer time though.. =/

I don't think sleeping with them is a problem. I remember when i first did it, it itched, but my eyes adapted. Don't make a habit out of it though..
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there are two distinct kinds (theres lots of kidns but two main categories). There are ones that go in and stay in for x time and then you throw them away, and ones that you put in every morning.

Mine in particular are the latter, and i have slept in them, but never for more then a nap. If your eyes stay closed for a prolonged amount of time, they dry out. If i take a nap, i have a good 5 minutes or so of constant blinking before they're properly moistened again.

their are contacts made for sleeping in, but if you do not have these i wouldn't recommend them. whenever i fall asleep in them i wake up and they're completelyi cloudy and dried to the point where i literally peel them off my eye. also i rubbed my eye in my sleep once and it almost slid beyond my eyelid, which i imagine would have been unfortunate.
well i open my new contacts put them in and leave them for about a month and a half
the dont bother me other than a very slight dryness in the morning
i shower with them in and everything
nothing has happened ive been doing this for like 3 months+ now
i told my parents and grandparents and they got pissed off at me...and i mean bad
i was like wtf