Yesterday the computer in the study room of the house got a major virus (or something like that), and long story short we had to reformat Windows 2000 on it. It had my iTunes.

Today, Windows 200 reinstalled and everything, I go to reinstall iTunes and that goes fine, but when I plug in my iPod, iTunes doesn't detect it. Now I can't update my ipod or anything. Lucky, disk use is already enabled so I can use it as a hard drive but I've tried for hours to get songs onto it without iTunes but it just won't work.

Is there any way I might not have tried that can allow me to transfer music onto my iPod without iTunes.

P.S. I know there's some downloadable freeware that lets you bypass the iTunes way, but for now I'm under a strict 'no download no upload' law, set by my dad (in just 1 and a half days I went over the monthy byte limit for the internet).

Thanks in advance.
In iTunes, Help < Run Diagnostics < iPod Diagnostics

It should say iPod connection failed. Click help, it takes you to the apple website which gives you ways of fixing it (apparently it's a common problem). I had the same problem just yesterday but I got it sorted out pretty quickly.
If you have a USB II port you can try disabling it - it will be mad slow, but sometimes fixes the connection problem.
go to apples website and email them about your problem. they should tell u just how to fix it. there is not really a way to get songs on ur ipod without itunes. except u can buy other programs at places like circuit city that are around $20 that are not itunes programs, but work for putting things on ur ipod. i cant guarantee this will work but. email apple though.