I know how to get a GBA Emulator and roms to work, but does anyone know if there's a PS1 emulator and roms that's easy to use. If so where can I find such things?
I'm really just looking to play some old RPG's. I own copies of Final Fantasy VII-IX and a lot more, they just don't work anymore....
If someone could just explain the process, I know where to find an emulator and such, I just don't know how to work it.

Woah, extreme Deja Vu.
i have many
one is called "ePSXe"
and it works perfectly but it HAS to be confgured properly for each and every game you play on it
if youre going for kie Final Fantasy 7 or Legend Of The Dragoon
that is not a problem =)
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Well I'll try anything, I don't really feel like spending 100 bucks plus on eBay to buy another copy of FF7.

And what do you mean configured?
Ok, I have it all configured, and it seems to be working properly, just gotta download a game and try it out. I'll tell you all how it goes.
Final Fantasy 7 is like $20 on eBay. It isnt as rare as most people seem to think. And I got Legend of Dragoon at my local game store for $10.

Here's one of the 100 Final Fantasy 7's for sale on eBay. With no bids.


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