One Last Dance For the Ready


Verse I

I'm standing by the wall

As lights flash over the room

The night's had ups and downs

But it will all end soon

Just then, it's announced

That this is my final chance

I have no one in mind

But she'll be my last dance.


One last dance for the ready

Of this world I've come to know

You wouldn't think so many

Would be the ones to show

You wouldn't think she'd be the one

But she said to me lets go

And by the time we were done

I thought to myself so…

Verse II

I wouldn't have guessed her

But she took charge

Only for a moment

Making my heart so large

She left soon after

But I'm fine with the choice

I still felt her touch

I might never again hear her voice


Verse III

It turned into nothing

And I'm really fine with that

But it could have turned into something

That's why in the corner, I sat

She might not even think this way

About what she just did

Not to say it was bad

But maybe I'm just a desperate kid

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dont take offense to this... but these look like the lyrics to a booty bass song hahah no the lyrics are mediocre.. did you put serious thought into this song or just throw it together? it looks like you half assed it.. but if you didnt... well... try harder.. sorry man.
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It's pretty good. I can mentally picture the music to it well. I cant find anything to complain about in it. Crit mine if you have time: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=548313
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