I've been having a great deal of trouble keeping my guitar in tune longer than 5 minutes. It feels like every time I do a two step bend I get a quarter tone flatter.

Anyway, I want to install locking tuners in my guitar, but I'm completely new to modifying guitars or any instrument for that matter. I'm unclear on whether tuners all have the same dimensions, and whether any tuner can just be screwed onto the headstock.

So my questions are: What locking tuners will fit a Les Paul Studio, and which of those tuners is the most stable and reliable.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
sounds like all you need to do is stretch your strings when you put them on.
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sounds like all you need to do is stretch your strings when you put them on.

No, I do that. The strings I'm using now are broken in but not yet old. Thanks for the advice however.

Also, thanks to the guy who posted the Wilkenson link.
i tried askin the same thing in the GGA forum...

umm schaller? sperzel? idk any...im tryin to find out myself.
There are lots of good locking tuners to choose from (google is a wonderfull tool!)

But if you want a recommendation, i recommend Sperzels. I put a set on my Les Paul Custom, and they work great. (they also came on my Parker Fly) They are a little sensative (meaning you barly have to turn them at all to get a change in pitch.) but they lock great, and keep my paul in tune very well, even after some really heavy rocking out..

They will fit in the holes on your headstock, but you will have to drill a shallow tiny little hole below the big hole that holds the tuner. Its really nothing to worry about, the box your tuners come in give you a guide on where to mark and drill your holes, so its real easy. The little holes are for these tiny little pegs that hold the tuner in place so it doesnt move when you use it. Cause Sperzels dont have a back screw that holds them in place, they screw on from the face of the headstock.

Great tuners though, they look real nice too.
I just installed some of those Wilkinsons in the Strat Mod in my sig (shameless plug) and they work GREAT so I would either suggest those or Sperzels, but it is a quite obvious price difference.