I have a graphite nut. ive heard its good but bone is the best. but ive also heard bone is best but only if your using it for classic rock genres. ive also heard of slip-stone and tusq nuts. how do thoise compare to graphite and bone?
the Nut doesn't significantly affect tone, I prefer a graphite, or an Earvana Compensated nut for their ability to keep tuning better
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yeah i kinda meant which is best for keeping tuning, sorry i kinda went off about the classic rock thing and i forgeot to mention i meant tuning.
In all honesty it wont make much difference as long as it is good quality and and cleanly cut. I find it quite amusing how guitar manufactuers seme to come of with lots wierd and wonderful names for 'plastic'.
Saying that bone bridges are used on a lot of high end acoustic guitars as it's supposed to increase sustain and give a slighty warmer sound.
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