Well, at the same time as feeling like a dick for making another one of these threads, I feel happy that this time it's me making it...

So I'm getting a new guitar in a week or so, and I wanted to know which would suit me. My price range is probably going to be around $400-$500 CAD. I play mostly metal, with some rock, and occasionally some clean stuff. So I want a guitar that's good for metal, with decent cleans, although that's not overly important. Don't really want a floating bridge either. 24 frets would be awesome, but I could settle for 22. Another thing I like to do is pinch harmonics, so maybe one with pickups that work well for them? Obviously I'm naming a lot of stuff here, and it might not fit in my price range, but can somebody give me a few guitars that would do me well?
Schecters. c-1s.....S-1s...Vengeance or Synyster Standards
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Schecter C1 Hellraiser. Sounds great! The RG series by Ibanez is also very good for shredding.
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schecter with active pickups for your pinch harmonics
Ibanez RG350ex
hellraiser is all that comes to mind, but i dont think you necessarily have to use actvies...
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for $400-$500 the best youll get is probably any schecter with seymour duncan's (c-1 artist)
the hellraisers which have the emgs are more
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He said $400 - $500 Canadian. I don't even think a hellraiser is between $400-$500 U.S.

I think you should go for something like an Ibanez RG321MH which, with tax, would probably be about $350 Canadian...well under your budget, which gives you just enough left over to get yourself a really nice effects pedal and even some other accessories.