well ya do you know any tricks to make weird sounds without trem bar.

one i know is play a not or cord whatever then withe your piking hand push down the strings before the nut for that trem effect.

another one i think i made up is pull your lead out so its lose but you still have a connection (bring it behind your strap to hold it Thar it helps if you use a lead withe a 90 at the end) then just play a not then again withe your picking hand pull it in and out to get cool effect.
Take a slide (i've only tried this with a glass one) and tap near your pick ups while fretting a note to get a very whammy-like octave effect. In fact, tapping with a slide is just fun in general!
detune the string until its very very loose but still produces some kind of pitch. then just go wild with insane bending and vibrato, you can get some crazy whammy sounds
take a battery operated drill, and run the drill near your pickups it makes a cool effect if you do it right.
~Metal Up Your @$$~ \m/
hay i just tried that drill one out and everyone in my house came to my room and wher like what the **** is that, what the **** are you doing withe that.