so i finally updated the song with vocals, so i would appreciate some feedback, its just a couple of high school students making amateur, so take into account that, but our prinicipal got us 6hrs of recording studio time at this one place good stuff check it out.........

This way to the song!!...
the singing was spot on
some rough parts in the solo but overall well done

Im suprised no one has commented yet...
Alright so here s the deal

I liek it. Your voice is no doubt very good. But not meant for this song, you strain a bit too much. Its almost to high? maybe if you lower it a key or 2.

ANyways, the guitar was great. Loved the solo, make sure to turn yoru guitar up for the solo, and overal the song has more of a treble than a middle tone.

Great job!

Crit mine pleawes?


the 2nd song.
Critting while listening.....

And this is coming from an old man who is an Eagles fan, so keep that in mind, lol.

Playing is excellent. I like the singing too. Really good even for your age. However, I am not a fan of the tone of your guitars. It sounds like it's a synth or something. Did you switch vocalists for the second verse?? It sounds like you did. I like the second verse better vocally. Sounds like he has some vocal training.

Also, I think you need a pop filter for your mics. Every time you sing a word with a hard 'P' it 'pops'. I would think that if you were in a studio, they would have the pop filters.......

At the solo now. GREAT JOB on this solo. It is a tough one to play. This guitar sounds much better than the verses.

Okay so overall 8/10 from me. You guys are really good. Wish I had started playing/singing at your age. Keep up the great work and be sure to post more stuff here. Thanks for sharing that.

Mind critting mine?

this is a collab by me and a friend from this board. Check it and let me know what you think. PEACE
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thanks guys and yeah it was a home studio recording if we were in a studio, pssh wouldve been pro, and yeah we did switch singers, we have 2 singers, and the 2nd verse singer does have vocal training, so thanks