So I've got a wah wah pedal now, what would be the best pedal to get next?
I play alot of Southern and Classic Rock i.e. Skynyrd, Hendrix, that kinda thing
As lame as this sounds I have a Spider which has a few effects built in and I actually don't mind the amp that much, it's not bad when you actualy know how to dial it in right.
So what pedal would you get next?
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a good overdrive, distortion, or a delay or reverb. If you're happy with every one of those on your amp, a phaser or flanger. and if your amp has those down, get a Whammy.
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yeah i have a spider amp too. its not that great but i guess for the kind of music you're into its fine. idk, ive never used any pedals on my amp because spider amps seem to have all of the basic effects.
delay, dist or od pedal.

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A whammy pedal is fun to play with at a store, but will quickly get old, as I had one but sold it after learning a couple dragonforce solos and rage against the machine solos... I would suggest a nice chorus or high quality delay pedal. Those are classics that never get old.
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