I have for sale a good condish Marshall DSL 401 - JCM 2000 Tube Combo amp. I bought the amp 2 and 1/2 years ago from a Guitar Center and haven't used it very much. I practiced with it for a while at the beginning, but then got into a band where the amp didn't work, I used some other amps for gigging as well as practicing. Recently I have gigged with it 2 times, no were far away or anything too big, the amp works fine and still has plenty of tube time left

Photos here:

Check out all the specs here.

I'm asking for 600$ for the amp plus shipping costs. There isn't anything big I can find wrong with it. The only part of the amp that id dinged up if the foot pedal. it has some dents in it - but I recieved it like that that would be GC fault, it works fine though.

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will you ship to the UK?

I wouldn't do that if I were you...these amps are made in England. They're going to be cheaper and more plentiful there. Sounds kind of funny to buy an amp that was made in your country, then shipped to the US and then shipped back to your country.
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Quote by blue_strat
will you ship to the UK?

You can get it new for about £400 (including delivery) if you just buy from the UK.

Sorry threadstarter, but it'd be harsh to sell the amp to this guy.
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