alright well i bought this not too long ago. And just yesterday while i was playing, the tuning head came off. The peg was still in, but the part to turn to tune it came off, so now the high e is very down tuned. i was wondering how much it is to fix this / would it be under warranty and i could take it to the store and get that fixed?
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well if the tuner is metal, you could just sod it back on. Might be a little mess though if your not good at sodding. If its a plastic peice, and it broke, or the hole for the peg broke or something, you could try glue, but it wouldent last long. If you bought it new, it should have some kind of warrenty.. Specially if its a Gibson, i think they have like 3 or 5 year warrentys. Or you could use it as an excuse to upgrade your tuners..
Yeah, it happened to a crap guitar I used to have. I used a wrench to tune it... partly because I didn't want to invest in a new tuner... partly because I kick so much ass.

Take it back to the store, they'll fix it. Also, see if you can get some free crap out of them. "ZOMGZZ!!one!!1!!... I'm n3v3r cumiNgz baCk H3rez ag@in... unless you give me some free shit."
after a few months with my les paul studio the same thing happened so i went out and bought sperzel locking tuners and had them installed and they have worked great for about ten years now
Gibson tuners are pretty crappy; this might be a good time to get some new ones (or get somebody to buy you new ones ).
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.