well i was sitting on the bus and i saw some gansturr feller with a nice hardy luch.. Im talking apple orange juice box and a hardy sandwhcih, which proves the pnt gangsters are people to
He probly popped an old man for that lunch too...
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so good to know
"I saw a guy eating a hearty lunch today"
*sigh* idiot
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Wait, so you're saying this human creature that fits into a certain stereotype/label has the same needs as all other humans? Holy shit, that's some trippy theory you're on to. Thou art the king ov imbecility.
Am I too drunk to understand, or is threadstarter just retaded?
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I onece dumped a girl that I was seeing who already had a boyfriend... So anyway she put on like a stone and i dumped her telling her it was because i felt really guilty etc etc.

But really it's cos she got fat!

No fat chicks !
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Ok, what else is new?

Wait, so you're stupid...wait...now I am

EDIT: Zomg I made a mutant
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Quote by hulabaula
Well I was was sitting on the bus and I noticed a stereotypical-looking gangster feller with a nice hardy lunch. I'm talking two different and apple orange juice boxes and a hardy sandwich, which proves the point that gangsters are people too.


Though I'm not sure what a gangster lumberjack was doing on a bus...