what are your favorite teen movies. I'd have to say Can't Hardly Wait, Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Say Anything, and Better off Dead as my top 5.
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those are good older ones. my favorites are van wilder, breakfast club, and american pie 2.
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Fast time at ridgemont high
Dazed and confused
Ferris Beullers day off (great movie)
Basically all my favs have been said, also have to add Say Anything, Varsity Blues, Lost Boys, Goonies, Weird Science, and The Girl Next Door. I've argued with a few people on the last one, to me it has the all the elements of a classic 80's flick.
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The BC
Dazed and Confused
Fast Times at RH
16 Candles
Ferris Buellers Day Off
Can't Hardly Wait
detroit rock city...
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Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles
i ****ing love the movie Clueless, even though i am a guy
dazed and confused
cant hardly wait
american pie 1 and 2
Orange County
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Fast time at ridgemont high
Dazed and confused
Ferris Beullers day off (great movie)

Those are my favorites too!
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