i saw him in concert about 3 or so years ago; hes got some pretty good stuff if thats your musical style. i think "no ones gonna come" and "you know so well" are pretty good (i think thats the name of the second one). just check out some of his stuff if you like it.
I wish I could have seen him in concert, the one day he was in Dallas this year I was in London for the break, haha. He's pretty fantastic, I love his voice and bought three of his CDs which is odd for me who never buys CDs

Favorite tracks that you might like too: Siffused With Love, The Curse of Being in Love, Everybody's Rooting For You, Well Well Well [in that order ] I'm so in love with him, too bad he is married haha.
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I'd rather post a chat up line with an escape route in case it starts going wrong.

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

*girl looks unimpressed*

"Because it looks like you landed on your face."