k i've been playing for 5 months or so and have just been learning from instructional books. i play an electric guitar that i borrowed from a friend. so i was wondering wat the best way is to learn the chords. the book taught me a few of them but not nearly enough to go through and play a song. i've heard that the best way to learn is just by playing songs and learning them as you need to, any other suggestions???
I reccomend picking out songs you want to learn. Necessity is the best motivation to learn.
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ok thanks.. i guess i'll just stick to wat my dad told me and just find some good songs and learn the chords by using that then... you guys got a good source for knowing how to play certain chords... i've looked at the topic on here with all of them listed but it didn't make since thank you
the way i learn chords suprisingly fast, and for free, was just looking up[ songs here on U.G. and then if the song contained chords they often had the chord name and the positions, so bassicly just going out and learning by doing, was the most effictive way for me
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alright sounds good... thanks everyone look forward to spending many hours under with the guitar strapped around