I looking for an amp head to play metal with. I going to be using a schecter c-1 hellraiser fr with it. The brands Im interested in are Genz Benz, Mesa, Marshall, VHT, and Peavey. I want an amp with sick distortion and gain then also great cleans. Anyways I play all metal from stuff like pantera to rage. I want a really versatile amp and Im wondering what your thoughts are.
If its versatility you want take a lake at the ENGL line of amps, the mesa mark IV sereis(IMO has a a warmer tone than the rectos, and with the built in additional 5 band eq you can get a rather brutal metal tone), and the El diablo form Genz benz is full of a nice low end sound with good cleans.
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I know a guitar player that plays a guitar basically like yours into a boss EQ pedal than into a Mesa Triple rec, cuts through everything and sounds soooo good
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