I did a quick search before starting this, but nothing really satisfied what i wanted to know...

Is the VPR switch on my TSL100 (standing for Virtual Power Reduction) an attenuator?
...i.e. am i losing a large amount of tonal quality by cranking to the same level with the VPR on than if i were to go to the same level on the full 100w setting?

EDIT - if a better solution would be to buy an attenuator...which would you recommend?
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the vpr is one of the best features dude. it cuts the power down to 25w and you can crank it into an awsome tone. you dont need a attenuator unless you want to be at a lower volume then a 25w. the tsl is tricky wich is why most people dont like it. but get it eq'ed good and crank it and you have an awsome rock sound.
also, with the vpr on your tone will be much better at the same volume at 25w then it will at 100w. it can sound awsome in the 100w mode but it will be near deafining.