Okay so i just got a Epiphone Les Paul
and I have put a few differant straps on it, and they keep falling off when im playing
I like to play with the guitar on kind of an angle.

But anyway
What something good to do, so it wont come off
..Without tape or stuff like that
check out DiMarzio ClipLocks...

they're what i use,
and i used to spin my guitar, and generally act like a nutter while playing, and never once did the strap cause me any trouble.
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strap locks of some sort are your way to go
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yeha i had this problem too

you gonna have to replace your top strap button

im using a strap button thats cone shaped, this stops the straps from coming off even at very high angles

either that or you need strap locks
Schaller Straplocks are the way forward, my friend.
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The $1.50 Dunlop disks are by far the best straplocks
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i like the dunlop straplocks, but a cliplock strap works well too
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Cliplocks aren't terribly popular around here, but they are by far the most widely used by professionals (Steve Vai, Patrick Stump, who sucks, but he thrashes around a lot)

They're amazingly comfortable, and come in a billion colours.
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or the planet waves strap with a built in lock. I use that one
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I use Schaller just because they look classy but next I'm planning on buying these weird plastic ones that have a kind of 'ratchet' thing that clips around the strap button. Maybe Dunlop, I'm not sure.

Schaller are pretty expensive but they'll never break and they look nice.

EDIT: Okay it's the planet waves strap ones. They seem like they work pretty well.

If you're cheap a simple washer will work. Just take the strap button off and but a washer on from the screw end that won't come off, then attach your strap. Then screw it back on and it won't come off.
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