Just curious.
I don't know. How do you gauge something like that?

I do know I've cut back. I went from two packs a day last Summer to half a pack a day now.
Poor advice.
i think it depends on the person
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Not very many.
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i smoke a carton a day and im not addicted, lol, jp
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who counts?

i know that after almost a year i'm still not addicted in the truest sense.

i can go a week and not feel it, but if i'm around them i cant help it.
I smoke once in a while but im deffinately not addicted. But i would say after you smoke a few packs in a short period of time then you might start building cravings, but if u can keep it to like a pack a week then your chill.
Well, after the first time I smoked, I smoked another. I had to want it, didn't I? Thus, one.

I don't feel any physical withdrawal or need to smoke, at least not over a few days (I am a non-regular smoker... I let it go for a few days then pick it up again depending on who I'm with)

however, when I do quit for a few days I start to get anxious when I'm driving my car, like I feel like I need to be doing something like smoking just to keep my hands in motion. Sitting and actually driving hardcore for a while just gets maddening. I guess there is an inseparable connection between driving and smoking a cig in my car, just as I absolutely need to have a cigarette after I get high.

So, I would say probably 2-3 months of smoking like a pack a week got me to where I am... now I smoke maybe 2 or 3 packs a week, but mostly when I'm drinking, smoking the ganj, or driving. Or all three. At once. :P
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i smoked a long time without really getting cravings. now its awesome, i've cut back, and i only smoke a pack friday night and a pack saturday night, which i think is great
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ive done like 5. and i still want some
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Every cigarette you smoke makes it harder to quit. If you don't think your addicted try going a few days without one. You'll know
I don't know, it started as more a social thing then got to around 20 a day last year. I've given up cigarettes now and it wasn't very hard, guess it depends on the person
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I smoke occasionally and don't consider myself to be addicted at all. My dad on the other hand smoked for most of his life and tried to quit several times over the years before he was successful. So I guess it all depends on how deep you get; there isn't a specific point where you're suddenly addicted.
Did anyone here actually enjoy their first cigarette? For me it was enough to put me off for good.

Smoking is the most pointless thing ever.

My friend just recently got himself addicted, and he's 19! Fair enough if your 13 and think smoking is cool, but by 19 surely your past all that.
It seems such an unessesary regime to add to your life. Spending all that money on those little death sticks. I just can't see any positives about starting up smoking. None at all.

Man I'm looking forward to the ban in public places so I can actually go out to gigs and pubs and come home smelling nice and having clean lungs.
I enjoyed my first cigarette. Although it didn't effect me, it was the adrenaline of doing something bad :P

I only smoke with mates like poker nights or when we drink.
Yknow. Not a regular. More or less a social thing.
Like drinking.
Since I'm still underage, I can't really say I'm addicted because I don't have a steady flow of cigarettes. I can go for weeks with one and be fine because I know I can't just walk out to the store and buy some.
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I used to smoke cigarettes. I don't know how many it takes to get addicted, it just happens. I smoke weed daily though, and mix it with tobbacco, so I think I'm still addicted. I get cravings, I just don't give in.
I've tried it twice for whatever reason and didn't like it...never started

all my friends who smoke are always wishing they could either quit or never started and its that which keeps me from starting myself....