Hey. I'm in a band called Colorcast and we're out of Fairbanks, Alaska. Yes, believe it or not there are a couple decent bands up here. Anyways, if you want to hear some solid Unconvential, Piano based, American/Eurotrash rock, go ahead and stop by myspace.com/saysthepoet . We have 3 new recordings up, they are live recordings so the quality could be better... but there's also an old song up... a very old song... that was written before the band existed by our lead singer/pianist. He wrote in on guitar and made it up on the spot after the record button was pushed, which is pretty impressive. Anyways, the first 3 songs are our new ones, so sign on and let me on. We're planning on recording our first studio album this summer... let me know what you think!!!
Fury- Breathe in deep, and cleanse away our sins
And we'll pray that there's no God
To punish us, and make a fuss

Chalking up the frequent loser miles day by day.