I'm trading in my current guitar in the next couple of weeks for something better, I noticed an EC-200 for $480 CND ($410 USD) and I really don't remember reading much anything about the 200 series around here. I really don't want to spend much more than that.

The site says the pickups are "EMG-ESP LH-300" which is... passive EMG's? Or ESP's version of EMG's? Confused, and are the passive EMG's half decent or are they shit compared to the active 60/81? I like progressive metal mostly. What are general thoughts on this guitar? Unfortunately it's agathis but the neck is absolutely perfect, it's set-neck and constructed basically the same as the 500/1000 series.

The store I can trade also has Schecter which is pretty much the only other brand I'll consider buying although I really don't know much about them. I really don't like the superstrat shape all that much anymore (my current guitar is a ss) and I don't want a tremolo/FR, but they look really nice up close and personal. Is there anything around that price range that would be better than the LTD?

Also, and thoughts/prices on the Cort EVL-Z4? It looks like a good guitar, and it's mohogany. I can't find an MSRP anywhere though.

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