Hey people, I was wondering if someone good give me good tutorials or advice.

I am trying to improvise my own solos on songs that I like. So I find the root and go from there. However when I keep going it never sounds in tune with the song. Any guidance please? I usually try to stay with what changes are going on, but I don't know. 1/4 of the time it sounds good but usually never.
Make sure you're using the right scale. here's the way to find out if you are,

Take the chords you're using, and count out the root third and fifth. So if you were using Emaj, Bmaj, Amaj it'd be

B F# E
G# D# C#

Then you'd take a look at the scale you're using. Say you're trying to decide between E major and E minor.

Here's E major: E F# G# A B C# D# E

and E minor: E F# G A B C D E

Well, they both have E, A, B, and F# in common, however the minor scale lacks the C# and D#, so you would want to go to with the major scale. That's why it's important to know your scales.

I hope that helps.
learn basic arpeggios.

1,3b,5b....minor flat5

play around the arpegios as you did with the root.
slide into them, h/p off of them, bend into them
try practicing questions and anwers phrasing.

learn modes

Counting from the parent scale
1st , 4th , 5th chords are Major chord
2nd, 3rd, 6th are ..................minor chords
7th is the diminish or min flat5

if your guitar is out of innotations...it'll cuz u to sound like crap too.

The minor pentatonic works over the IV chord

example; F, A,C, E are the notes for Fmaj7
....................A,C,E are the arperggio of the Amin chord or VI in the key of C.
.......................C,E,G.....are the arpegios of the C maj or I chord in the key of C.

Basic 12 bars blues are just in 1, 4,5 moment
you can do this too..................6, 2,3 moment
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I found that it is also very useful to know the major and minor pentatonic scales, since they're the only scales that I know!
watch marty friedmans melodic control video, its either on yahoo or google videos, i can't remember which. that'll give you a ton of useful info.
^I still watch it at least once a month

Also, look in the MT FAQ Sticky, there's a section on improvising.
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^Ditto on the Melodic Control. That video is awesome. Helped me loads.

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