Unnusual customizations that you like !

I realy love a strat with one bridge single coil , one volume knob , a killswitch and a floyd rose.
What kind of rather un-standard setups do you like ?
A strat with the middle positions being in series rather than parrallel, and the middle position being neck+bridge in series.
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Any SuperStrats with only a bridge 'bucker and a good double locking trem.
Tele's with a standard hot bridge pickup and a PAF in the neck.
Both aren't that uncommon though
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a red telecaster with a black/white/black pickguard, a tune-o-matic bridge, dirty fingers humbucker in the bridge and a lipsticktube single coil at the neck.
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Electric models of less common instruments such as ukulele and mandolin

electric models? or acoustic electric models? it's kind of moot to create an electric ukelele, because it loses the nylon characteristic. Besides, with a change in strings and a capo, you can play uke songs on the guitar.

7 string LP

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Electric models of less common instruments such as ukulele and mandolin

I saw a video once of someone playing an electric violin through a heavily overdriven Marshall stack and a wah wah pedal. Sounded pretty cool!
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I'm a sucker for mostly any 7 stringers but I saw a double necked one on gc, one neck was 12 stringed while the other was 6. Looked pretty interesting.

Not really unusual, seeing as it's manufactured. But I've always wanted to make a double-necked 6 string bass.
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I'd love a double neck Strat/Fender VI.
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