Right now I've got a good electric (some used carvin) and a ratty acoustic. Its a fender starter, cost like 99 bucks and the fretboard is so dry the frets are pulling away. So im looking for a couple of good cheap acoustics to try, untill I can afford a new one.

Range: 200 usd to 500 usd
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Alvarez have definately got some good shit thats in your price range so go and try them out, also Cort and Washburn will have some tasty treats. but go to music stores around you and look at all the acoustics and find one and play
My guitar was pertty cheep... it was like 200-400 dollars can. I forget exactly how much...
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Try out the Yamaha Fg750s.. Sounds great and looks amazing. I got for mine for $240 US but they usually go around for $400 US
I don't know if they're easily available in America, but Tanglewood acoustics are freaking awesome.
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i have an ibanez starter pack or something of the sort. it comes with an ibanez acoustic, a tuner, and a strap. the guitar it's self has nice tone, and decently low neck action. all for under 300$ on musiciansfriend. the only problem with it are the pegs that hold the strings into the bridge are cheap, and all broke during re-stringing.
I would go for a Yamaha or an Alvarez in that price range
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i played an awesome ovation acoustic that was $299 i dont no how that works with ur buget tho