Hi All,

I'm a newbie to all this but just thought I'd post the following to see if anyone has any suggestions. I've got an EKO ranger 12 string restoration project. it was missing the bridge so i've ordered a replacement. The neck is in good order, the top is damaged were the old bridge was removed but theres been no lifting of the laminate. and there are none of the usual cracks you would associate with a guitar of this type and age.

Im proposing to repair th surface with plastic wood before replacing the bridge and doing a custom paint job on the top.

Any suggestions (other than binning it and buying a Takamine!)
im not the right person to pass advice onto you but could you post a pic of the guitar as i think i might have the same one.

cord is your best bet here i think wait till he says something.

(post a pic lol)

(plus if it is the same guitar what will be the custom paint job?)
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^ A picture would really help. The more we can see, the better we can help you.
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Custom Build
I know exactly what they look like. Ekos are really built like tanks. They are really heavy too, which is aided by the bolt on neck and so the big heel block under the neck. They have quite a nice tone, but with a high action and stuff if they aren't set up too well. The original bridge will have had an adjustable saddle, and they were quite large bridges too.
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i have an EKO P-6.its a lil parlour guitar.as Calum said its built like a tank.its 100% plywood (ZOMG!!1!!1) but it sounds lovely.

congrats and pics!

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