i've recently decided i want to do a raw black metal record
but i need to know what i'll be recording with

i was going to just set up a tape recorder, then i realised i wouldn't be able to do drum or bass tracks afterwards.
same goes for a video camera

my mate suggested i use my computer, which is what he does for his gore-grind project, but i don't have any mics or recording stuff set up on it.

i don't know what sort of drum machine i'm going to be using, i was going to see if i could use my friends, but i'm pretty sure his is a computer thing.

so if you can think of anything other than that ^ that i can do without buying anything, that would be awesome. otherwise, the cheapest thing you can think of.

and if i could then put it onto cd that would be awesome, but it's definately not essential. right now i just want to record some stuff.

sorry if this has been done before
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Just use a tape recorder, then record that into whatever you normally use (Audacity, Ableton, ProTools, whatever) and do the drums later.