This is me and my guitarist recording the first tracks of our first demo, i have only just taken up singing so please give me some crit on if its good or how to improve please


Cool intro, reminds me a little bit of slayer. Vocals are ok, i would suggest holding the mic a little further from your mouth maybe? im not a vocal expert myself but it sounds like there is some clipping from the vocals being slightly too loud for the microphone. This song cant be complete at 1:27 can it? Some cool riffs in there but definitely needs to be longer. The guitar tone was decent, room for improvement in that department IMO.

Good work overall, keep working on it and it would be a 9/10. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=544693
It doesnt end at 1.27 its just that the end of the song sounded alot like for whom the bells toll and i did rip a solo over it the song itself is meant to be 4 mins. lol so we have to record the ending again.
the intro riff is pretty cool and the rest of the guitar work is pretty good throughout the song. Tone is nice and everything. Too bad it ends so soon, I'd like to hear the solo you have planned out for it. As for vocals, like evr_ said, at some points there seems to be abit of clipping. Make sure to sing consistently so that it avoids some of the choppiness on your part. SInce you've just taken up singing I'd say it's pretty decent but make sure to practice up on those windpipes

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Yuh well hopefully we can rerecord tomoro or something and ill post it up also you guys work is really good too
The voice is only okay I don't care for it personally. The guitar setting has way to much static.
Yuh its because i was recording thru a shitty mic and amp i cant afford a pre amp or something to line straight onto the software
Yeah, this riff is awesome man, it has power, aggression and loads of energy. The singers voice is cool too considering he's only been singing for a week. Okay, maybe I'm a bit bias seeing as im the guy who wrote the riff and recorded it with him! lol. (hey dude!)
Whaddup future rockstar! lol

Hope your having fun.

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