So does anyone know what are good chairs for playing guitar. The chairs I have at home suck ass and my back gets totally destroyed when I play for a while.

This forum was your best guess?
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milk crates they rock lol

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I think you should have gone here:


That aside it's all down to preference as people of different heights and build will find different chairs more comfortable.
Personally I prefer to stand when playing my guitar but sometimes when playing my acoustic I sit on my bean bag.
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Something without arms on the chair with a straight back to it. Sitting upright is a proper stance, though you will see experienced players slouching on a couch. Don't do that if you are a beginner, you will develop bad habits that are hard to break.
ya I have some lame chair right now just a regular one without arms and it does fine but I get back cramps alot while playing
I've always liked playing while sitting on a stool. Unfortunatly, my stool was one I found in a neighbour's garbage, when it broke I was lost.

Now when I play sitting down, I just sit on the edge of my computer chair.

But you could always sit with your back flat against a wall or something like that.
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I use a computer chair, but I duct taped the metal arms down do they won't scratch my guitar. It works just fine.
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