Ok, I'm sort of in a band, but it's just a fun little gather we have nothing serious. Although we are all pretty talented, one of the problems we run into is who do we follow.

I play bass and we have a drummer and a guitarist. Usually what happens is our guitarist plays a riff and then I can come up with something to go along with that and our drummer tries to follow me, but at the same time. I guess it's more of an issue of being able to clearly hear everyone then it is know who to follow. But our drummer seems to think that he is supposed to follow me and I don't think that's right. It should be the other way, I mean he's basically the metronome of the band, he sets the tempo.

I know we should all just listen to each other. But sense we all play loud it's kind of hard to do so. Should we just play with headphones or something?
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When you're first developing the song/jam, let the guitarist or whoever come up with a riff. Then, the other players make up something around that riff. However, once the riff has been established, everyone should be following the DRUMMER mainly, and the bass a little bit.

A good drummer should feel out the rhythm, and then be the driving force behind it.
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Drums and bass feed off each other, and then guitars and vocals fit in on top. If you're not on it with the drummer, nothing can save you.

When it comes to writing, it's all personal preference. Some people start with vocals, some start with drums. It depends who writes the songs really, but there's no rules, it's really down to what works best in your situation.
In my band it may start with the drums, then me on bass, then the guitars.
But of course, also Guitar, bass and drums.

It depends on who starts actually :p
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In my band, we havent done much writing yet since we've been working on stuff the guitarists wrote before the drummer and i joined, but when we work on new stuff, usually ill play a bassline, and the drummer will play something that sticks to it, and the guitarists will throw in something that plays to the mood of what we're doing.
everyone should "listen" to each other , "dynamically i think bands work when people follow the vocals ( guitarists take heed !! )