Hey, you guys have helped me before with trying to decide with an amp before and I couldn't make up my mind, but alot of helpful information was given. I just scraped up some more dough to buy an amp, after I spent about 1600 bucks on a Deluxe Strat (should of kept my les paul but in the end I'll want them both) and my Line 6 Spider 112 is really a piece of shit when it comes to, well, everything about it. I play only rock, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, Eagles, The Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Steve Morse, things like that. I am trying to find an amp that has the means to play rock when you plug into it. I know everything leads to Marshall, but unfortunetly I was aiming for the DSL401 but just can't rack up 1.1k to go out and buy it. I'm trying to find something for a bit less (around $700) that I can get that still is made with that rock sound (probably would have tubes). The reason I liked Marshall is because it had everything I liked. Vintage knobs, flips, name, leather. It didn't worry about fancy effects just sound. Unforunetly the perfection comes with a hefty price >.<, so I'd like to ask you guys if you know of a around $700 valued amp that could give me that rock tone I'm looking for and maintains a vintage look.
can you go used?

then maybe

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if you can try these out then go, this might suit you...

^^ can you find a rocker 30 for under $700?

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Wow I've never hard of Carvin. They look like everything I'd want on the outside, but hows the tones? Im a huge marshall head and if it has that rock distortion and a good clean channel thats all I want :-p. Btw would it be worth getting another 300-400 dollars and buying a Marshall DSL401? I don't do concerts or am in a band, I'm just looking for a good amp for practicing, sound level isnt a real big factor since my family would probably bust my balls if I went too high lol. So I think I'll check out that Calvin, except I can't find it at any local store can I? And again do you guys think it would be worth waiting a little while and getting a DSL401 instead of something cheaper first? The only reviews I see for all the amps are for band gigs and playing metal -.-

When I was reviewing the carvin amp on the site it said the distortion would give a great "blues" tone. Sounds like a Fender DeVille?
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