Hey, whats the best way of cleaning an electric guitar? What are the best things to use? (For the body, pickups etc)

rag with warm water you can use funtire polish which is what i use but you can buy some shiit that will clean it good make sure not to use papper towels it leaves little scratches all over the guitar

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I just use windex if I have nothing else, or if I have it handy there's this stuff I have I think it's called "love potion #12 guitar cleaner" or something it works all right.
first of all, wipe it down with naptha (lighter fluid.) gets rid of all the dirt and stuff.

on nitro finishes, you can use car-grade stuff.

guitar-specific polishes always work.
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I know there are guitar-specific ones you can get, but generally I just take a damp rag and wipe it all down (usually during a string change, and I do all the frets too).
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Never use furniture polish, it will create build up on your guitar.
I went to guitar center where i live and got a Dunlop Tech pack. It comes with a guitar specific spray cleaner, lemon oil for your fret board (use only if it's rosewood) and a string conditioner.
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