Hullo UGers! This is only about the fifth or sixth full song I've ever written, so go easy on me! Anyways this is about the horrendous town that I live in. I may add a bridge, but it depends if when I'm arranging the song I decide to have a vocal bridge or an instrumental one. If you leave a link, I'd be delighted to check out your lyrics! Thanks

"Doorstep Mayhem Squad"

Tie my ankles
The grass is growing from my feet
And Middle England
It rescinds and cedes defeat
All of my closest friends are ghosts
And I walk these Bedford streets alone.

Dead and buried
Dilettantes deprived of blood
Torn to pieces
Corpses swept out by the flood
So where did the glitterati go?
And what is this place I used to know?

I am writing you an open letter, Bedford please
Turn the gun against yourself and bring the people to their knees.
I had hoped the mercury would never reach my head,
But there's a fire in my veins that paints my retinas in red.

Single file
Welfare, baby food and booze.
I would kill for
Just a day in different shoes.
So I walk on every pavement crack
But none of the creatures come for me.
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wow very dark, and almost scary, would go with some really heavy music, i liked it, flowed very well, and none of it seemed forced, keep it up

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Thanks man... Yeah I've written most of the music for it... It is quite dark and heavy... I guess mix equal parts Alexisonfire, Brand New and Metallica hehe... Riffy but melodic and poignant. (But not EMO lol)... Hehe, right, I shall check out yours now...