Thought i'd try my hand at a bit of classic rock. Just me and an acoustic. Overjoyed with how it came out. Vocal range has really come along of late. Hope you enjoy.

Link in sig. C4C of course
Very nice my friend. The guitar sounds great and the vocals...well, what can I say Very good. The harmony was a very interesting and well-done touch. I really like your other stuff as well.


I just put on your California Dreaming cover and I must say that the vocals are amazing. One of my favorite songs reworked very tastefully.
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A whole octave lower but still sounds good because you have a good voice! This was actually enjoyable to listen to.. The falsetto in the chorus.. hmmm, sounds good at least
This song is so hard to cover like ACDC but you did it sweet
nice job
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Very good, great sounding voice. I wasn't a fan of the falsetto in the chorus, but it was still sung well. Great job!
i liked it all...great...sounds like the vox clipped a bit but it's so minor doesnt even make a difference worth mentioning more than this one over-drawn sentence. what program do you use to record?
thanks for the comments guys, about the falsetto, i felt the chorus was a bit bare due to a full band not singing the hook line, so i thought i'd put in another vocal layer...guess it wasnt ideal! to jables, i'm using cakewalk sonar producers edition 4. keep the comments comin! thanks again!
hey thanks 'pork. i was using my rode NT1A condensor for both vox and guitar going into my behringer xenyx 1204fx mixer. which connects to my computer via the behringers usb u control device. once again, thanks for the comments.
Holy crap, nice work all around. I like the vocals a lot. It really modernizes this song. Great song too. I am a hardcore AC/DC fan, you definately did this song justice. Noted above is the occasional clipping in the vocals but other than that, awesome. Solo was cool too. You get very good tone out of your acoustic. Do you plug into your computer or do you mic up your guitar??

my friend slash_no_1 and I covered a GnR song. Let us know what you think.
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as i said before earlier in the thread cnorthern, i go into my usb port yeah, after going through my condensor and mixing desk. have left you a crit in your thread, thanks for the comment.
I know this is a bit to ask, but what chord progression is your acoustic chill out song? It's beautiful. I'd like to learn it
no probs pork. hmm let me see, i capo the 3rd fret, and play (Relative to capo): Dm7, G7, C, C/B, Am7. that's the main chord progression. hope it helps, and hope its correct lol
Wow, I've never heard an AC/DC song kick so much ass on an acoustic. Great job. Guitar sounded great and Voice sounded great. All-in-all it was an unbelievable cover. Keep up the great work.

Also, I listened to your Californiacation cover, and it also sounded awesome. Your voice is great for the Chili Peppers.