yo, just started a band a few weeks ago, and everything is great, almost. i play lead guitar, supposedly, but our other guitars is "terrible". mind you, i have been playing for alittle over a year, and this kid as been playing for like 7, so the first jam we had i was literally expecting to be blown away by this kid, nope! anyways lets cut to the point, agiainst the 3out of 4 band members, we did an A7X cover, not my cup o' tea, but o well. Check it out at:


p.s. were using audacity on a shitty mic 10 feet from the nearest amp, and the bass and drums are basically drounded out. we are trying out for our talent show today with a song that i made up, so we plan to get that up afterwards. putting it up earlier would kill the "hype" people would experience no? anyways, new song definately by the end of march!

p.s.s. i am the one playing the intro/higher/lead stuff, so if u wanna crit me seperatley, i wouldnt mind.
(hint: the one that doestn mess up at all, and is constantly drounded out by the louder, less talented guitarist)
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its actually a lot cleaner than i expected. i hope your show goes well. keep up the good work! and by the way, the guitar parts didn't sound too bad. just in that middle part, sounded like he was ruining your solo sorta thing. nice job!
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