generally what amp would do better

the roland cube or fender frontman


The frontman is bland, mediocre, and generic.
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roland, make a poll but the result will tell you roland because the fender is as tinny as a can and you can get any sound you want from the roland
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^^^ what they both said - i'm lucky enough to own a frontman (hmmm) and can tell you its crap. its currently my sisters hifi.

get the cube
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The cube.

The frontman does have decent cleans, but the cube is just generally better at absolutely everything.
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c.) Vox Valvetronix

Best of the bunch unless metal's the majority of what you do, then go with the Cube.
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slatsmania beat me to it. Depending on what you play, a Vox Valvetronix is worth looking at, too.
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