This is something that me and a friend have been working on and should have a well recorded version with vox and real drums sometime in the near future. This piece has pretty much been inspired by Between the Buried and Me and All Shall Perish.

Although it is so far incomplete, it is nearly finished, please let me know what you think.
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it was pretty good.

i think it needs more of a central theme though, meaning more repeated riffs and stuff. it's fun to listen to but its nothing that anyone will remember.
I personally liked this piece a lot, im a fan of BTBAM myself so i can definatly see where your coming from with them as an influence. As you said its incomplete, i'd personally put more of a "theme" in it-for example, again using BTBAM as an example, something like All Bodies has all the technical stuff and a heavy theme based middle part-not sure how your song would unfold but maybe doing something like that would be beneficial. Keep at it though, look forward to hearing the finished thing.

i'll give what you have an 8/10

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i think it sounded really cool. hats off if you can play that whole thing.
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Yeaah I made most of it up on guitar apart from the end slam style riff, and can pretty much play it all up to speed and accurately. So there is no bullshit teher will be a recorded version up soon this year.

Yeeah I see what you mean about a central theme, Ill work on that and post an iproved version in this thread asap. Anyone else?
Hooooly shit! That was awesome. It sounds very Human Abstract-esque.
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It isn't really coherent and the last riff isn't really good.

Some of the ideas are pretty cool. Too much unessecary sweeping and solos, if you write that much try and put some emotion or heart like BTBAM does. Even though it's hard to be BTBAM. No doubt you already listen to protest the hero. If not your should because some of your riffs were reminiscent of them. Also too much blasting. Maybe simplify it more and give it more of a unified theme.

i dug the the part of the riff in bar 35 to 36.
I really liked that. I dont really listen to much Between the Buried and Me but the riffs sounded alot like Black Dahlia Murder i think you need to take some of the lead guitar. (give it more of a unified theme as other people said) it seemed to have a constent solo which made it sound less like a bands song and more like a Yngiew Malmesteen song or something.

Other than that it was a really good song that was well writen it was just a little over done for me but good 8.5/10

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