right, tried a couple times to start something on here but people been giving up... so...

i play guitar and im looking for more guitarists, bass, drums, singers in west yorkshire to jam with and if it feels good then try to get a band started.

im 22, based in leeds, but i have a company car which i can use and abuse and travel anywhere. i can get practise rooms at jam studios on rosevelt road, leeds. cheap as chips.

i play loads of rock, old and new, metal, punk etc. but i like to experiment with new styles and implement diff styles into diff music.

i have a shit load of free time to practise too. anyone up for a jam and then seeing what comes of it?

Im only 15, I play lead and bass, i got the equipment and stuff, am i tooo young though?
if im honest, yeah it is too young. im pretty much after 18+ i suppose. band members and drinking buddys. cheers though. good luck getting into one
Hi me and a few mates run an electric jam at the Rosse on saltaire roundabout every thursday from about 9 onwards I know its a bit out of your way but If you can pick up a copy of the innscene you'll find loads of jams advertised. My advise would be to visit as many as you can (electric and acustic) get your face known and network. P.s dont take it too seriously as everyone is at different levels and it can be frustrating as hell sometimes. just enjoy yourself and people will enjoy watching whether your note perfect or not.
Rock on Dude
cool. cheers. ive been away for a while but now im back i can start looking properly.
hey rockonth im 13 and i play lead and rythm guitar what are you influences Cheers Danny
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