does anyone have a saddle for a pro rock'r trem, one of the barrels has snapped where the string is held down, i have tried to find this part everywher but had no luck.

any help would be greatly appreciated

Do you have any pictures of what you're talking about?
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I don't know if I can help it.

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hi, this is a picture of what i'm looking for (in two peices) should be just the one piece with the barrel attched on a pivot

yeah, but i only need a saddle, not the full bridge, thats gonna be way over what i want to be paying.
nah, its not in the catalogue, they only made this trem for a handful of guitars in the early 80's. i've tried all the vintage ibanez forums etc but nothing has come up yet, i live in the u.k and the guy on ebay wants $50 to post it over here, by the time the listing has ended i'm sure the price will have went up quite a bit. because of that it would end up costing me more than i paid for the guitar and probably cost less to change it to a more modern trem, although that would require a bit of work.

after a lot of searching i have found that this can be a common problem due to the design so i was hoping that someone maybe has had the same problem and had to change theirs leaving them with 5 spares?

i know its a long shot but i'd rather hold out, i have other guitars i can play just now, i'd just like to have this one fully working.